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Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film script “Inglorious Bastards” is very promising. A wartime tale, that most definately pays homage to The Dirty Dozen, is probably going to be Tarantino’s finest film. Tarantino is by no means my favourite director, but i do like a lot of his films. Shooting will begin in France and Germany in a few months.

This script has appeared on numerous film sites and blogs, only to be pulled almost as soon as it appeared. It does keep re-emerging however, and the number of filmmakers, critics, buffs and actors etc who have downloaded it is probably in the hundreds by now. I am merely providing the links for downloading the script and not actually hosting it.

*** Also notice Tarantino’s spelling of bastards as “basterds” on the handwritten front page. It is exactly as it appeared in this Newyork magazine blog.