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A place where matter and energy exist as pure potential. That place is the beginning of a new level of consciousness.

As a realm which enables events to happen, it can also be described as a void. However, it’s not empty. Full of thoughts and possibilities, it imagines the world into creation as thoughts leap from there to be realized in our “reality”.

What we value most, our ability to think and feel, are mere reflections or temporary projections by a greater source. This source is the root of consciousness.


Sugar is sugar is sugar is sugar

Love is love is love is love

Damage is repairable most of the time…


Purity is the soul’s birthright.
Let thoughts, words and actions be filled with this.

Brahma Kumaris
Hindu texts

If there’s anything i have no tolerance for, it’s being bored. This problem has always plagued me.

I do see it as a problem this zero tolerance for such a basic part of life. So basic in fact you can count on it, it’s guaranteed to happen every so often.

The worst feeling for me though, is perceiving myself to be at a dead end. With no more options and yet having to stay in “the here and now”. For some reason, the here and now, no matter how secure, have never been good enough.