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مصر النسيم في الليالي وبياعين الفل

مصر السما الفزدقي وعصافير معدية

Egyptian blogs are reporting on the latest phenomenon sweeping the nation. Mass sexual assaults and attempted gang rapes took place in Downtown Cairo on the first day of Eid.

Honestly, i’m gobsmacked that this took place and that nothing was done to stop these appalling acts. This, despite the small police presence who refused to get involved or call for backup.

Again, nothing’s likely to be done because of the lack of coverage of this incident in the media. While Egyptian blogs are covering it, the pictures are not very clear and afterall, like every other problem in Egypt, this too will die down in a few days.



Having faith in someone affects them i think.


Maybe it even makes them respond accordingly. So i’ve come to realize that when i have faith and show faith in someone the outcome’s always positive and the faith or belief in them is enforced.

To not believe in someone takes too much effort. Might as well give people a chance to come through for you or to not “disappoint”. Or to be whatever you think they aren’t.

Having faith in a higher power isn’t just about believing it’s out there. I’m realizing it takes more than that. This is the toughest part for me, believing in this higher power and not only in its existence. I still struggle now to relax and have faith that things stand a chance of turning out ok. Maybe this attitude influences the outcomes in my life. Or maybe it’s all a load of new age rubbish.

New beginnings

Well, this is a blog. Have no idea what it’s going to be about yet but it’s likely to be as “all over the place” as i am. For now at least…